Meet a Coordinator Facilities

Can you tell me something about yourself?

My name is Ronald and I live in the north of the Netherlands. I have a technical background and after my education I had various jobs through job agencies. I have worked for three years as a cleaner before I started to work for DFE Pharma (formerly AVEBE).

Can you tell me something about your current position at DFE Pharma?

I started at the DFE Pharma Foxhol location in the Netherlands as an operator in 2003. I have developed myself further towards the position of Supply Chain Officer. When safety became more important within DFE Pharma I was given the chance to learn more about safety. In my role as Supply Chain Officer I am now also responsible for safety. As a prevention employee I create awareness for unsafe situations in the production and office location and I advise on personal protection. In September 2014 I started the training for secondary safety expert. As a secondary safety expert I am also responsible to proactively increase safety levels and to write safety reports.

Coordinator facilities DFE Pharma

What is the best or most enjoyable experience you have had, working for DFE Pharma?

I must say that the past years have been a great experience for me. If people told me 12 years ago that I would be in this position, I would not believe it. I have seized the opportunities that crossed my path and I am very glad that DFE Pharma has confidence in my abilities.

How would you describe DFE Pharma as an employer?

DFE Pharma is heavily focusing on talent development. Talent is high on the agenda at DFE Pharma and I experience this every day. As far as safety is concerned, I am happy that my role and responsibilities in this field are growing by the day. In February 2016 I got my diploma for secondary safety expert. This is a great chance to educate myself, to develop my talent and to increase safety at DFE Pharma Foxhol location but also within the organisation as a whole. I look forward to continue to create awareness for safety and to increase safety levels together. The most important is that everybody returns home safe.

What can you tell us about the current job openings at DFE Pharma?
If you are talented and motivated, I advise you to take a look at our job openings page. We have regular job openings (and internships) for several disciplines in our worldwide offices and locations. Please do check our careers page for job openings and challenging internships or apply online. Job seekers can also find us on LinkedIn.